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7 new features for fundraisers

Announcing 7 New Features for Fundraisers: Streamlined Page Building, In Memory, & More

Passionate people around the world create 2,750 JustGiving fundraising pages every single day.  JustGiving fundraising pages are one of the…

Our Charity Place Portal: the Best Way to Recruit London Marathon Fundraisers

Does your charity have London Marathon places to fill? Get your team built with our Charity Place Portal – the easiest way to attract London Marathon runners for your charity.

Claim Your Charity’s Place in Brighton Half Marathon 2024

Learn how your charity can leverage Brighton Half Marathon 2024 to raise money and grow awareness for your cause.

JustGiving GivePanel Integration featured image

Our New GivePanel Integration: How to Supercharge Your Social Fundraising

Facebook can be game-changing for your fundraising campaign. Here’s how to seamlessly link your Facebook fundraiser challenge with JustGiving.

Meet The COTY Finalists Featured Image

The Creative Strategies of the 2023 JustGiving Awards Charity Finalists

Learn exactly how the three Charity of the Year Finalists used creative strategies and JustGiving to earn them a top spot in 2023.

Grow Your Fundraising: JustGiving’s Newest Insights & Actions [June 2023] 

One of the best ways to raise money for your mission is by learning from data.  But with so many reports out there, it…

2023 JustGiving Awards Finalists: Voting Now Open!

If you’re reading this, your charity or one of your fundraisers might be a finalist for a JustGiving Award!  Over 14,000 incredible people and…