14 things all charity campaigners are dreading at Christmas

14 Things

1. When everyone thinks it’s too early to be talking about it, and you have to get them enthused.


2. Even though it’s only November.


3. When you need your budget signing off in August and you have to take a trip up to the accounts department.

4. When you’ve seen your Christmas creative so often that you’re a little worried it’s killed your emotional capacity.

5. When you stalk other charities and process how many other great causes there are.

6. But your job is this charity and its appeal, so…

7. When December rolls around, and suddenly everyone is into it.

8. But you’ve been at it so long that Christmas is just a job for you now

9. And you have to remind them all why they’re here

10. When all your friends who don’t work in charity are winding down for the year

11. But things are just manic for you

12. When your Christmas appeal is finally over and you can get down to the fun with your family

13. Or sleeping. You know? Whatever.

14. You’re awesome, charity Christmas appealers! Good luck out there!

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