16 moments all professional fundraisers know


When someone says “I saw this fundraising appeal and I think we should do one just like it.”

Or someone mentions ‘viral’.

When you have to go back to your creative team and tell them the plans have changed. Again.

When you pop out for a sandwich and come back to 3,000 fundraising campaign-related emails.

When you’re trying to find a minute to actually sit down and do the work, but you have another meeting request.

When the launch is approaching and stuff was only just signed off.

When you finally go live on everything.

And your first donations roll in.

And you finally send out your email campaign.

Then someone in your team spots a spelling mistake, even though you proofread it 40,000 times.

When people start fighting on your social posts.

When you reach your fundraising target early

And someone tells you they appreciate your work.

Then you remember that you get to go back to normal life when this is all over.

And you have to apologise to the people you love for the way you’ve been acting.

When you overhear someone senior talking about the next campaign.

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