How will event fundraising evolve?


Want to get an insight into how the event fundraising landscape is going to change and evolve in 2019? The best way to get the big picture is to look at the trends of the past year.

With that in mind, JustGiving and ACTIVE Network have teamed up to bring you the latest report on the event fundraising landscape in the UK. A combination of JustGiving fundraising data with ACTIVE Network’s vast UK and Ireland registration data has allowed us to dive into the detail of the existing event landscape and emerging event trends

What does the future look like?

Looking ahead to 2019 and 2020, for charity event organisers to continue to succeed, we have identified three main themes; optimisation and diversification of events, a focus on high growth and low barrier to entry events, and quick engagement with the emerging DIY giving behaviour. These themes are all underpinned by digital transformation.


Visit our Event Fundraising Report 2018 to get all the insight JustGiving and ACTIVENetwork can provide.

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