LLHM: three of the best charity campaigns on JustGiving

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Today, we’ve got three fantastic examples of charities who recently hosted event fundraising campaigns on JustGiving for the London Landmarks Half Marathon (LLHM). In this post, we’re going to share:

  •  Images and links to their campaigns (so you can experience first-hand what they looked like)
  • The key features each campaign used to make them a success
  • Tips on how you can make the most of these features too

1. Guide Dogs

Why it’s such a great Campaign Page:

  • The main cover photo is a lovely one of a dog wearing a LLHM branded bandana, sitting outside St Paul’s Cathedral. It’s a fantastic image to capture people’s attention and really links the cause to the event. 
  • They’ve included more great imagery by uploading lots of pictures from previous LLHMs – showing how involved they have been in the past – and how much fun they’ve had taking part! 
  • In the main description on the page, they’ve kept the story short and to the point. It perfectly highlights who they are, what they do and why people should support them. Read more tips on perfecting your campaign story.

2. Leap Confronting Conflict

Why it’s such a great Campaign Page:

  • They’ve included a fundraising target on the page to help keep the momentum going with their runners as motivation to reach their fundraising goal.
  • The page features a really strong and emotive quote from a service user to highlight the amazing work that Leap does. 
  • Instead of just using text, they’ve included an image that breaks down their strategy for the next few years, so fundraisers can see exactly how their donations will help. Read our online FAQs to get tips on enhancing your Campaign Page

3. Tommy’s

Why it’s a great Campaign Page:

  • Tommy’s are the official partners of the LLHM, so it stands to reason they would have an amazing campaign page! 
  • They have a great story area which includes videos to get their fundraisers excited, plus an area to highlight the impact the fundraising and donations will have on the cause. 
  • The cover image of real fundraisers from a previous event makes supporters really feel like they are part of Team Tommy’s, increasing their motivation for the day and loyalty to the charity. Read our tips on choosing the right photos for your Campaign Page.
  • They have also included information about runners joining their Strava club, which is another great wat to create a community feel for their participants. Read our Strava guide for charities to learn more about how you can use the fitness app to grow your fundraising and community-building.
  • Following the event, Tommy’s updated the page with a heartfelt thank you video. 

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Lauren Levy is a Customer Success Manager at JustGiving. She’s passionate about helping charities make the most of their JustGiving account and working with them to raise more money.