5 things you should be doing for your London Marathon runners


Marathons are 26.2 miles long.That’s 55,000 steps for the average person, and almost 3,000 calories. But remember, most marathon runners spend many hours in the months before pounding the pavement as part of their training. Participants have usually pushed their bodies across hundreds of miles in preparation for the big day.

London Marathon 2015

If supporters are raising money and running the marathon for you, it’s really important that you tell them how truly appreciative you are. There are easy and inexpensive ways to make them feel special. Here are some of them.

  1. Shout about them on your social media

When people sign up to run the marathon for you, the easiest way to get them excited and enthused about their new challenge is to give them a little shout on social media. Announce how awesome you think they are to everyone, and send them a great big thank you. You can even post their fundraising page out to your supporters if you want to, though we recommend that you only do this if you’re planning on doing it for everyone who’s raising money for you (and you don’t have masses of runners), as it’s likely you’ll be inundated with requests from other fundraisers otherwise.

  1. Give them everything they need

Your runners will expect a branded t-shirt at the very least (make sure it’s proper sports material so that it’s comfortable), but you might want to consider giving them a few additional extras. Think about giving them an activity belt, a set of headphones, a water bottle, shoelaces or a flag of some sort. The package will make them feel special when it arrives in the post.

  1. Regular check-ins

It’s likely that there’ll be a reasonable amount of time between your runner’s signup and the date of the race. Don’t forget about them. They certainly won’t have forgotten what they’re about to undertake on your behalf. Your attention will be appreciated.

Consider checking in on them personally once a month. Send them a special runners newsletter, complete with praise and training tips, and a gift just before the race, or a card through the post. Make sure they know that they’re remembered and that their efforts are appreciated.

  1. Actually physically support them

If you’ve ever run a marathon, you’ll know how incredibly important the crowds are. Cheers and really spur runners on. Do you know what’s even better than random shouts of support? People you recognise. Looking for your friends and family members and basking in their backing as you run is one of the best things about marathon running for most participants.

If it’s practical for you to do so, take a team of employees and volunteers along with you on marathon day to show your organisational support for your runner. Clad them in your brand, and cheer your runners on from the sidelines with their friends and family members. Make sure you make a massive fuss of them at the end. They’ll really appreciate it.

  1. Consider aftercare

Think about what your runners might need when they’re done. Lots of charities arrange massages for their runners or take them out for lunch. You could think about rewarding them with a voucher for sports equipment, or a spa treatment, give them a trophy or ask your CEO to call them personally and thank them. Take some real time to think about what they might like to receive from you.


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