6 eye-rolling moments for digital teams


We’ve all had them – those moments at work that make you want to reach for the strongest coffee (or something even stronger).

It seems that digital folk are too often more prone to experiencing these moments than most.

Here are 6 eye-rolling moments you might recognise.

1. ‘Just make it go viral’

That’s all digital marketing is, right? A succession of things that just go viral with the press of a button?



Sadly, the level of understanding of how things go viral in the first place is not that high outside digital teams. Even digital teams struggle to understand the magic behind No Makeup Selfie and Ice Bucket Challenge – if they did, we’d be firing campaigns like that out every day.

2. ‘Let’s make a viral Twibbon campaign’

If you can’t press a button to make it go viral, how about a Twibbon instead?

Yes, we do have to make the most of the free tools at our disposal. But I’m afraid 2013 called and it wants its social media craze back.



3. ‘OK how about we use a QR code?

You need to get information out to the wider world. You know most people are on their smartphones. So how about a QR code that people can scan with their phone to redirect them to the campaign landing page?

QR codes were the uncoolest kid at the digital party 5 year ago. Nobody had QR codes on their phone, they take too long to do, and they’re just downright ugly.

Today, they are not even invited to the party. Suggest them to the digital team at your peril.



4. Social media account mix-up

More of an ‘Oh no’ moment than an eye-roll moment.

Lots of social media managers have their personal social media accounts loaded on platforms they use for work like Buffer or Hootsuite. This can lead to the occasional cross-posting fail.

And when you don’t realise that you posted your thoughts on the latest Celebrity Island or a picture of your lunch on your work Twitter account until somebody has already commented on it, then it’s just time to crawl under a rock and hide forever



5. The real meaning of holidays

Poor social media managers. Their channels don’t take a holiday, even if they want to themselves.

While to most a holiday means city breaks, beaches and no work at all, for them it means only being on-call for social media emergencies till 9pm every night, and only needing to check the work social media accounts three or four times day instead of the usual 5 billion.

You won’t miss anything fun, don’t worry.


6. Confusing digital marketing with IT

Digital marketers are experts in everything to do with computers, right?

So nothing makes a Head of Digital (with responsibility for digital marketing channels, transformation and culture) happier than being called over to colleagues’ desks to:

  • resize images
  • change font formats in Microsoft Word
  • do a query on Raiser’s Edge
  • help save an Excel document as a CSV
  • generally make their computer work










Any eye-rolling moments you would add?

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