7 must-reads from April

10 Must Reads April 1

Every month, we round up the best articles the internet has to offer digital teams and post them in one place to make it easy for you to find them.

This month, we’ve collected content to help you with leadership, fundraising and teamworking.


1. “My manager doesn’t see the point of Instagram.” Sound like something you might say? If so, your boss is a ‘digital conservative’, like Jon Ware’s. Find out here what to do.

release-the-hounds2. Are vanity metrics ruining proper analysis of your digital marketing strategies? Here’s how to change it.

3. When it comes to fundraising, is it time to move away from broadcast advertising and look at alternative models?

sorry-we-are-trying-to-change-the-world4. The Stanford Social Innovation Review asked 80 charities about the state of their digital teams and activities. Here are the results.

5. Baffled by the Facebook algorithm? So is everyone! This article will help you get the best out of Facebook’s charitable giving tools.

6. Minda Smiley says she thinks marketers are still struggling to glean insights from digital video ads.

7. Struggling with the blurred lines between digital and fundraising? Find out why Cancer Research have stopped referring to ‘digital fundraising’ altogether.

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