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At JustGiving we want to make it as easy as possible for your fundraisers to have the best possible information to prepare for their event fundraising challenge. With that in mind we have created a dedicated microsite for participants of the London marathon, our #RunningForGood hub.

It’s easy for runners to find information about nutrition, training tips and other practical advice that is aimed towards the physical side of their challenge on the internet, but they may often be a little in the dark about how best to approach their fundraising, and that’s where we come in.


Within the #RunningForGood hub your runners will find tips on how best to set up and promote their page, including telling their story and why they have chosen to support your cause and what it means to them. We have even included case studies from other runners, some who have run the marathon before and some who are first-timers, so your athletes can be inspired by what has and hasn’t worked for others. These top tips will help support them and hopefully take some of the pressure off as we get closer to the marathon.

It’s not all serious business though, we are also creating some fun stuff such as tailored Spotify playlists to put some joy into the daily run. The hub will be continually updated with new content, with carb-loading recipes and other useful info coming soon to help runners as they start making their final preparations.

So visit the JustGiving London marathon Running For Good hub and have a look around, and please feel free to share the tips to your supporters who are running in 2017.

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