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When Facebook launched Instagram stories in 2017, it gave Instagram users an extra opportunity to upload their lives to social media.

But it also offered charities an added opportunity to connect with their supporters. Instead of posting to their newsfeeds, where content can be quickly and easily scrolled over and is often broken up even when images or videos are posted one after the other, stories are a good way of telling a tale from start to finish. If you click a user’s story, you’ll get to watch everything they’ve uploaded since the last time you watched them within a 24 hour timeframe.

Lots of pioneering charities are pushing forward their work by using Instagram stories. Here are some great examples.

Do Something

Do Something are an organisation focused on motivating the young to make the world a better place for everyone. They get involved in all sorts of important issues, from transgender rights to racism and anti-semitism, and work to encourage people to get involved in making a difference. They use their Instagram stories to promote a series of mini-campaigns, like this one about stress.


They have 109,000 followers, and their Instagram page is a vibrant hub of positivity, something they’ve translated well into their stories.


CARE France

CARE France’s “Stories From The Other Side Of The World” campaign followed seven women across seven days, showcasing the incredibly different lives they lead. It highlighted their everyday routines and gave an unprecedented insight into the things they do on a daily basis from their own perspectives.

There was no overproduction on this campaign; the woman were left to upload the things that they wanted to share with followers. It gave supporters a realistic look into what life is like for other women around the

Keep A Breast Foundation

These guys know what we’re after; cute pictures of their office dog, of course! As well as showing off the work they’re doing, Keep A Breast Foundation post regular doggy updates to their social media story. Tactics like these help followers feel personally connected to an organisation, its staff and their work. It’s easy to do, and great for building support.

If you’re looking to improve your supporter relations, try featuring one or two staff members regularly on your stories, so that your followers start to feel really involved with the work they’re doing.


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