Announcing Powerful New Campaign Updates for Charities

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It’s in our DNA to do everything we can to help people raise money for what matters. 

We’re introducing some awesome new features to boost your fundraising on every campaign for all UK charities. 

  • Regular giving on all UK charity Campaign Pages 
  • Regular giving on all UK charity fundraising pages
  • Updates to Custom Codes for all charity fundraising campaigns 

We’ve got some exciting ground to cover, so let’s jump in! 

Regular Giving on Campaign Pages 

In 2022, people created 729,705 Fundraising Pages and more than half a billion pounds was raised in total donations from almost 10 million different people through JustGiving. 

Imagine if even a small amount of these incredible people chose to have their charity donations occur monthly! 

Now anyone in the UK has the option to make recurring donations to all UK charity Campaign Pages. 

What does this mean? 

In addition to making a one-off donation to your charity Campaign Page, donors can choose to have their gift recur via direct debit. 

This gives people the option to donate more over time, without needing to even return to the website! Giving couldn’t get any easier. 

How does this work? 

The regular giving option is simple and intuitive for people looking to donate! It will show for donors on all new and existing Campaign Pages. 

If donors choose this option, their donation will be paid monthly from their bank account via direct debit. Donations will reappear on the Campaign Page each month, automatically adding to the total amount raised. 

Donors can also choose to continue their recurring donations after the Campaign’s end date. 

Here’s how the Regular Giving option will appear to supporters when visiting your Campaign Page: 

And here are the additional options supporters can select when making a recurring donation on your Campaign Page: 

Example of Regular Giving option on World Land Trust’s Operation Ocelot Campaign Page 

What does this look like in our Payment Reports? 

These donations will appear in your Payment Reports just like other direct debits. Donors will get JustGiving’s standard direct debit confirmation email and can manage their preferences any time in their JustGiving account. 

Want to draw in that extra support? 

With Campaign Pages, people can make monthly or one-off donations to your campaign or event and set up fundraising pages to help raise even more. 

Campaigns also put your charity’s branding, story, and fundraising progress front and centre! Check out more reasons to use a Campaign Page as a hub for your fundraising campaign and events in 2023. 


Regular giving on fundraising pages  

Now the same powerful functionality of recurring donations on campaign pages is extending to JustGiving fundraising pages.  

What does this mean?  

Before, someone who wanted to support a person fundraising for you could make one-off donations on their fundraising page. 

Now, donors can also choose to donate monthly via direct debit! 

How does this work for my charity? 

The regular giving option makes giving to someone you support and the cause they love even easier. 

Here’s how the Regular Giving option will appear to supporters on a fundraising page: 

Just like normal direct debit donations, a regular donation on a fundraising page and its accompanying message will pop up each month on the charity campaign page it’s connected to. 

The recurring donations will also show up in your reporting under the name of your campaign. 

What if the end date of the campaign is changed? 

Donors have the option to support the fundraiser until the expiry date of the fundraiser’s page, or choose to continue their recurring donations after the page’s end date. 

But we know campaign and page end dates sometimes need to change, and we’ve planned for this! We check every day for any expired campaigns and cancel the direct debit donations set up for them. 

If the donor chose to end their recurring donation when the page ends, JustGiving and their bank will let them know their direct debit has ended when the time comes. 

Updated Custom Codes for Campaigns 

Identifying where your donations come from and where they should go can be complicated. It usually needs manual work exporting, importing, and performing calculations. 

And depending on the size of your charity, your Payment Report could have thousands of rows of donation data! 

Custom Codes are now available for all charities to use on all new and existing Campaigns. They make reporting much easier, as you can assign to them relevant codes to help identify and manage this income. 

What does this mean? 

Now you can add multiple Custom Codes to your charity’s new AND existing JustGiving Campaigns, Events, and supporter Fundraising Pages! 

How does this work? 

These “tags” can help identify attributes of any donation from a given Page, Event, or Campaign. 

What will this look like for us? 

Your codes will appear alongside the donations in a dedicated column right within your Payment Report. Your team can then download a report any time for a clear breakdown of where the donation came from and where the money should go. 

This makes it simple to see the breakdown of donations from different sources, beneficiaries, regions, or any parameter you can imagine. The power is in your hands!  

Learn more and install your Custom Codes 

If you’re not sure what a custom code is or how it can help, check out our Guide to Custom Codes for frequently asked questions, charity examples, and step-by-step installation instructions. 

We hope these new features help set your charity on the path to raising even more in the new year! 

Planning a fundraising event for 2023? 

Whether you’re getting geared up for London Marathon or running your own event, we’ve got you covered. 

Creating a Campaign Page for an Event on JustGiving is one of the best ways to bring your supporters together to share their fundraising experience and raise more money! 

Learn more about Campaign Pages for Events 

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