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The London Marathon 2025 public ballot has now closed. Is your charity in planning mode? 

Today we’re announcing three new ways we’re going to help your charity raise even more money in London Marathon next year. 

Because JustGiving isn’t just the world’s most trusted fundraising platform. It’s the most trusted London Marathon fundraising platform. In 2024, charities used JustGiving to raise over £42 million in London Marathon – the most raised on any platform! 

It’s time to meet your goals faster, get your cause in front of more people, and get your supporters raising more money and sooner. 

Here are just a few of our exciting plans – with even more coming soon! 

Key info
• Charities raised more on JustGiving in London Marathon 2024 than any other platform (+£42 million)
• JustGiving is announcing new ways charities and fundraisers can raise more in London Marathon.
• They include free £2,000 donations, weekly giveaways, fundraiser competitions, and more.

Ways we’re helping your charity raise more in London Marathon 2025 

Here are just a few things we’ve got cooking to help JustGiving fundraisers raise more for your cause in London Marathon 2025. Pop these in your diary to make the most of your fundraising in the run up to race day. Don’t forget to include them in your stewardship to make sure supporters know about them! 

Free £5 donations for 4,000 London Marathon fundraisers using JustGiving

Encourage your fundraisers to make JustGiving pages as soon as you accept them, because we’ll get their fundraising kickstarted early. 
Starting in June 2024, we’re giving 4,000 London Marathon runners a £5 donation when they create their JustGiving Fundraising Page! Plus, we know that fundraisers who create their page early raise more on average

Free £2,000 donations to three JustGiving fundraisers

Encourage your runners to raise money on JustGiving and they could raise a couple extra thousand pounds for you – without doing anything! From September – November 2024, London Marathon fundraisers who get donations on JustGiving will be entered into a draw for a £2,000 bonus donation -with one lucky winner each month!  

£100 donation giveaways every week until race day

Why don’t we keep the momentum going? Starting early in 2025, every week until race day, we’re giving away a £100 donation to one lucky fundraiser using JustGiving. 
Every donation made to a fundraiser’s London Marathon page counts as an entry… so the more donations someone racks up, the more chances they have to win!

Create a Campaign Page 

Got places in London Marathon 2025 or know you’ll have ballot runners? Here’s how to create your JustGiving Campaign Page fast and easy: 

  1. First, log into your charity account, or make an account
  1. Go to Campaigns and click Create a campaign. 
  1. Follow these steps to make your Campaign Page look perfect! 
  1. Connect your Campaign Page to the London Marathon Event using Event ID 8739305. 

London Marathon charity fundraising examples

Check out these examples from charities that met their London Marathon fundraising goals.

How Leukaemia Care Raised £687,000 in London Marathon

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16+ Ways Alzheimer’s Research UK Raised £1.2 Million

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Tips from Prostate Cancer Research’s £250,000 Campaign

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What other ways does JustGiving support charities? 

It doesn’t stop there! You and your supporters deserve the best. Here are a few more ways we support charities raise more money with JustGiving. 

  • Raise more money with personalised fundraising journeys 

    JustGiving’s highly personalised, behavioural onboarding, coaching, and celebration fundraiser email journeys have driven 50 million donations (!) since we launched them in 2020…plus, supporters who receive them raise 6% more. 
Tailored emails, personalised to each of your London Marathon fundraisers reminding them of their fundraising progress and inspiring them to keep going.

  • Get a spotlight on your mission 

    We love sharing fundraisers and their pages on social media with our 400,000 followers! In 2024, our London Marathon content on social got 5.2 million impressions, 300,000 engagements! This is usually amplified further if you have fundraisers with incredible stories, celebrities, or influencers running for you! 
    For example, 1.2 million people saw when we caught up with The Sidemen’s Ethan Payne, who ran the marathon to support the Single Homeless Project. 
    And 32,000 people enjoyed our feature on Laura, who ran the London Marathon with a 30 kilogram refrigerator on her back, and raised over £14,000 for Rays of Sunshine!

  • Get in-person support (and lots of noise-making) 

    One thing about the JustGiving Cheer Squad: we always show up. You’ll catch us on the Tower Bridge showing support for your charity and your fundraisers on race day.
Our JustGiving cheer squad always show up to cheer your supporters on as they run the London Marathon. 
  • Make changes and post updates any time with 24/7 access 
    With JustGiving, your charity can access its fundraising and fundraiser page creation 24/7. That means uninterrupted, always-on access to your online fundraising any time you need it. 
  • Enjoy optimised and efficient donation checkout experience 
    We’ve got your back! Our team of researchers are always testing what works best to optimise your donor experience and drive conversions on JustGiving. 
  • Become the expert with decades of professional advice 
    We just launched our brand new 2025 JustGiving Guide to London Marathon, plus have an entire library of expert London Marathon customer stories, how-to guides, and other charity resources on our JustGiving Charity Blog!  
  • Support your runners with our Runna partnership 
    JustGiving fundraisers get a special deal with Runna, the UK’s no. 1 run training app, with personalised training plans and their first two weeks free!  
  • Help your runners raise more with dedicated resources 
    Our London Marathon Newsletter is created just for fundraisers, with our top tips to make the perfect page, learn how to ask for donations, and more.

Ready? We’re right here with you – let’s make this your best London Marathon ever. 

Create your free London Marathon 2025 Campaign Page now

JustGiving helps thousands of charities raise tens of millions in London Marathon. Create your charity’s Campaign Page today to start raising money for your cause.

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