Announcing the new Virtual Fundraising Event Toolkit


In a recent JustGiving survey, 52% of charities told us they plan to organise a virtual event in the next six to 12 months. We want to make this as easy as possible (and maybe even enjoyable!), so we created the brand-new Virtual Fundraising Event Toolkit.

We’re excited to share the new Toolkit with you as, just as with the real-world events that you’ve spent years cultivating, virtual events can be improved and enhanced over time. So, although 2020 was THE year of virtual, with 76% of non-profits trying virtual fundraising for the first time, 2021 is all about perfecting, using your learnings, and exploring how you can raise even more through your virtual events.

How to use the Virtual Fundraising Event Toolkit

Divided into six key sections, our Toolkit walks you through each step of the virtual event planning process – from brainstorming event concepts and creating your launch plan, through to post-event stewardship and reporting. In the Toolkit you’ll find:

  • Tips and best practice
  • Examples from fellow charities
  • Practical end of section checklists
  • Handy links to extra resources, including webinars, help guides and blogs

“We’ve helped to launch hundreds of successful virtual events over the past year, and even guided charities 1:1 through our weekly Virtual Fundraising Chats. JustGiving’s new Toolkit takes all of that experience and combines it with sector insights from our Virtual Fundraising Monitor to create one, all-encompassing guide. We’re proud to share this resource with charities and we know that if you combine the guidance in the Toolkit with your own 2020 virtual learnings, then you’re in a great position to create your best virtual event yet in 2021.”

Lauren Levy, Customer Success Manager, JustGiving

How to make the most of your existing resources

From Blood Cancer UK teaming up with former participants to recruit new virtual event sign-ups, to Autistica launching gaming for good events on free platforms such as JustGiving and Twitch, we’ve shared lots of stories of how other charities are creating successful virtual events without breaking their budget. Throughout the Toolkit we’ve highlighted how you can launch an event that you, and your supporters, will love even if you have limited resources or people power. You’ll find lots of tips for getting more out of free and cost-effective channels, and details on on how you can use the tools available on JustGiving, such as livestreaming and QR codes, to bring your events to life.

Download your free copy of the Toolkit

Whether you’re new to virtual, or a digital pro, this guide will provide you with all of the essential steps and tips that you need. Start planning your next great event today by downloading your free copy of the Virtual Fundraising Event Toolkit.

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