Our Charity Tracker will give you fresh insight into your Charity at the IOF


JustGiving will be trialling a Charity Tracker at this year’s Institute of Fundraiser’s Convention at the Barbican, from July 4th to the 6th. Just pay us a visit at stand 12 to get your hands on some detailed insight into your Charity and its activity on JustGiving.

What is the Charity Tracker and how can I benefit from it?

A screenshot of our donation amounts on the app

The Charity Tracker we are testing will capture a number of your key metrics. These include:

  • Money raised through donations
  • Average donation amounts
  • The average page value
  • The number of fundraising pages going live
  • The number of views the brand has had across the JG site

Network reach

It will also give you visibility on your network on JustGiving. This means you can see your numbers for:

  • Direct supporters and fundraisers
  • Indirect supporters: those who you can contact directly as they have supported one of your fundraisers and are opted-in to messaging on JustGiving
  • Related potential: those who have a connection to your direct supporters or are opted-out sponsors
  • Emotional potential: people on JustGiving whose interests match with your cause

What will this mean for you?

These numbers, we believe, will give you greater insight into your Charity’s connection with your donors and the wider giving community on JustGiving. This will enable you to see what progress you have made, and allow you to get a picture of the potential for the future.

So don’t forget to pay us a visit on Stand 12 during the IOF, to take a look at your personalised Charity Tracker while you can. Please make sure you bring your Charity ID with you as we will be requiring them to authorise you to see your Charity Tracker. Not sure what your Charity ID is? Simply log in to your charity account on JustGiving and visit the Branding & Settings area, then click “Edit Charity Details” to see your ID number.

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