Encourage your fundraisers to be social


Social networks are a wonderful place  to communicate with family, friends and the wider community. Your supporters’ connection with their social network friends and connections offers the perfect place for them to speak about their fundraising, and keep their supporters updated about how they are getting on.

Help reinforce the “why”

We have been speaking about the “why” behind each fundraising story over the past few weeks on the JG blog, and how communicating the reason they are fundraising is the most important emotional element that a fundraiser needs to connect with their potential supporters. 

Social networks like Facebook are the ideal place to help communicate this “why” message. Pages on JustGiving that are shared on Facebook raise more money and reach more people than those that don’t. So what advice can you give to your fundraisers, some of whom may be fundraising online for the first time?

Here are some social network tips we have created for fundraisers, to help them get their message further. 

  1. Don’t be shy, explain why you are raising money, who you are raising money for and how you will be doing it. Tell your network why the cause you are fundraising for matters to you, be honest and open as your Facebook friends will care about what you are doing 

  2. Communicate how the money you are raising will help. If you explain in real terms what the money you are raising will be able to do, your supporters will be more likely to contribute. So let them know exactly what your target could achieve, how many items of new medical equipment, or vaccinations, or other tangible item or event that the money you raise could pay for. 

  3. Post updates regularly. Tell your supporters thank you for their donations, let them know how your training is going if you are working towards an event, or reinforce the message about what your charity is doing to help make a difference, all of these things can be a great way to have people engage with your fundraising. Don’t forget to update before, during and after an event if you are taking part in one. Up to 20% of a pages total donations can come after an event has finished so be sure to let your supporters know how you did.

How can your charity help?

A great way to help is to make the sort of information your fundraisers need easily available on your site. The tangible items and amounts you can attach to them (e.g. “£15 ensure one vaccine for one child”) goes a long way to help them communicate your goals and means their supporters can easily see what difference their money will make.

Make sure you reinforce the message that the reason why they are fundraising for your cause is the most powerful story that they can tell, and will really help them build a connection between them, their friends and network and your cause.


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