How to create event campaigns on JustGiving

Event Fundraising Campaign

Event fundraising raises a lot of money for charities, but we know it can be challenging keeping fundraisers engaged and motivated to reach their fundraising target. Whether your supporters are running, swimming, cycling, or combining all three, engaging and motivating them is important to income generation.

There’s strength in numbers

Creating a Campaign Page on JustGiving for an event is one way that you can bring your supporters together so they can share their fundraising experience with others and raise more money.

Team NSPCC raised over £65,000 in the 2019 London Marathon using a JustGiving Campaign page. That amount was raised by just 25 fundraisers!

Why use a Campaign Page for your next event?


  • You can make it quicker and easier for a supporter to make a Fundraising Page with a handy tool we call “Event Deeplinking”. It creates a special web link where your charity, campaign and event is pre-selected, which creates a seamless user journey for them – all your supporters need to do is follow the link and personalise their page.
    event-linking-better-user-experienceThis improves conversion, so you raise more money, and makes reporting on the event and campaign much easier. All your pages will have the same event id and appeal name in your reports, and you can visit your Campaign Page for real-time updates on how much the event is raising.

Getting started is easy

Simply log in to your account and create a Campaign Page today for your next big event and see what a difference they can make! And if you need a helping hand along the way, check out our support articles that will help you make the most of all the features of Campaign Pages.

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Georgie is a charity support specialist at JustGiving. She has advanced knowledge of the charity account and enjoys helping charities use the platform to raise more money for their causes.