Five JustGiving features for charities you should be using in 2020

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Whether your charity is new to JustGiving, or you just haven’t had time to fully explore your account yet, we want to make sure you’re in the know. We’ve selected some of our favourite JustGiving tools and services which, last year alone, helped charities to raise £400 million from 12.5 million donations. Not bad for a year’s work!

So, even if you’re not using them at the moment, the below top features will definitely help you to take your fundraising campaigns and appeals to the next level. Join us at our next refresher webinar to learn about each of them in more detail.

1. Campaign Pages

Campaign Page

Jumping straight into the number one spot is Campaign Pages, a staple feature for any charity wishing to generate funds through JustGiving. A Campaign Page is a dedicated landing page for events or appeals which you can personalise with your charity’s branding and images, making it look like an extension of your own website. The Pages act as a central hub for all fundraising activity relating to a specific campaign. Here’s a few other useful tools you can use to make to take your Campaign Pages to the next level:

Link Fundraising Pages – Campaign Pages can have an unlimited number of Fundraising Pages connected to them, making it easy to see a quick overview of all activity in one place. If you choose to add a target or totaliser to your Campaign Page then each linked page will automatically contribute towards it.

Add regular campaign updatesCampaign Pages can be edited and added to at any time throughout the active campaign, so you can add progress updates, important information or just messages of thanks.

Make fundraising easy for supporters (and keep activity on-brand) – You can pre-set default images, a campaign story or blurb, and even the fundraising target for Fundraising Pages created through your Campaign. This is great for supporters as it means they have a minimal amount of set-up and it keeps all pages looking consistent.

2. Fundraiser lifecycle emails

We have a dedicated team of email experts, also know as our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) team, who aim to boost fundraising activity through creating and sending fundraiser lifecycle emails. These are emails that support and encourage people through each stage of their online fundraising journey on JustGiving. In 2019 alone the team managed a total of over 57 million emails, so it’s safe to say that they know what they’re doing when it comes to email campaigns.

Email reminders and messages that are specific to a person and their activity can make a big difference to engagement, for example welcome emails result in eight times the transaction rate compared to promotional emails. Our lifecycle emails offer messages of positive recognition when someone hits an important milestone, but also nudge fundraisers to keep up activity and share updates to stop their fundraising becoming stagnant.

3. Customisable reporting

Custom Reports

In all JustGiving charity accounts we offer payment, fundraising page and donation reports which can have their columns easily customised to suit an organisation’s needs and objectives. Time is your most valuable resource so we’ve made it simple to customise a report to suit your needs and save as your very own reporting template. This means we’ll store your preferences and you’ll only be downloading the data you truly want each time. To access reports:

  1. Log in to your charity account
  2. Click on the Reports tab
  3. Select the report type that you want

4. Contactless giving

We live in an increasingly cashless time, with two in five people choosing contactless technology over using cash. To help charities keep up with public demand we partnered with LibertyPay, a payment solutions company specialising in contactless giving, in early 2019. LibertyPay supply contactless donation boxes which are linked to JustGiving, meaning that any charities with a JustGiving account can easily receive contactless donations straight into their bank account alongside all other JustGiving generated funds. To keep it simple, we also include all contactless giving updates in the available charity reports, allowing you to find all of your donor information in one place.

5. Digital Services

Together, with our colleagues at Blackbaud, we’ve created a new in-house digital design team that can deliver an unforgettable experience for your supporters. Our Digital Services work with charities to create a digital experience that fits with their specific needs and budget. Services that are available include:

  • Dynamic microsites
  • Custom fundraising pages
  • Engagement tools

When it comes to our Digital Services the opportunities are as broad as your imagination. You don’t need to be a digital expert yourself, you just need to have an idea of what it is that you want to achieve and our team do the rest.

If you don’t currently have a JustGiving account then you can find out more about our platform and create a charity account here.

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