Essential Excel tips to manage your charity reporting

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There’s a lot of important and interesting data in your JustGiving reports so to help you find the data you need, here are five top tips from Charlotte Hammond, charity support specialist at JustGiving.

1. Filtering reports

The quickest way to find the information you need is to apply a general filter to your downloaded report. You can apply this filter to any of your reports so that you only see the information you’re interested in. When you have a report open, click on the ‘Data’ tab and then select the ‘Filter’ button as shown in this image:


This will insert drop down options for all of the columns in the report, which will allow you to select the information you would like to display. This is a great way to find particular fundraisers or donors, and will work in any type of report, as the image below shows.

reports image

2. Finding pages created for one event

Fundraising page reports can be accessed from your normal reporting tab as show in the image below.


If you’re looking for all the data on a particular event, you can create a Fundraising Page report to show all pages ‘With an event date’ and enter in the date of the event.

Report 2.jpg

You can also do this with pages ‘Created’ and ‘Expiring’ within a certain time period.

3. Finding a donation which hasn’t been paid

Payment reports show you a thorough breakdown of all the donations which have been paid to you. If you’d like to find a donation which is yet to be paid, download a ‘Donation Report’ – these can also be found in the reports tab, underneath the ‘Fundraising page reports’

If the payment hasn’t been paid yet then its ‘Transaction status’ will be ‘Pending’, as shown in the image below. You could even use the filtering from  the first tip in this post to find all ‘Pending’ donations.


4. Finding the source of a donation

In column ‘BI’ of your Payment reports you can find out exactly how the donation was made to your charity.

This identifies if the donation was made directly through, through on mobile, through Facebook, the Donate Box or (if you’re a UK charity) via text donation (SMS).

This is especially useful to track how much traffic you are receiving through Facebook, mobile and the Donate Box on your own website.

5. Using the Quick Search

You can use the Quick Search in your Charity Account to generate a report for a particular Fundraising Page, as show in this image below.

Quick search

You need to use the page owner’s name  (a particular fundraiser) in the Quick Search box to bring up a summary of their Fundraising Pages for your charity.

Once you have found the page you are looking for, click on ‘View Summary’ and then ‘View Donations’. You’ll then be able to see a list of donations, whether they have been paid or not, and which payment report they have been included in. You can also download a report including all of this information from that page. This search will show Active, Completed and Cancelled pages.

Still have questions? Read our faqs:

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