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Charities, especially those with limited resources, will constantly be pushing to get the most value from the content they are producing. How can you get the most impact from the content you are creating and curating when you have little money to spend to promote it?

Create infographics – using imagery will help you drive engagement and stand out from the pack. A well-produced infographic will connect with your supporters, and makes it easy for them to digest the ideas or points you are trying to make and share it to reach more people. Even a basic infographic will communicate your ideas better than through words alone.

Mix up your social media posts – are you always posting the exact same type of content on your social media channels? Stop. The best way to discover what resonates with your audience is by mixing up the type of posts you make, and the frequency and times you post them. If your organisation is only posting links to your website, or links to articles elsewhere on the media, you are probably not going to be reaching your whole audience without putting money behind your posts. Try posting a photo on its own, with a compelling caption, and start a discussion within your social media channel rather than linking out to your site or another. Make sure you analyse your post reach and results to figure out what works best for your organisation.

Create video and go live – use the fact that many platforms are prioritising video content over all others and identify events or situations where you can broadcast live video, or record a compelling video to edit and share later. The beauty of live video on Facebook for example, is that your page followers will be notified in their timelines that you have “gone live” enabling you to reach more of your supporters when you use this format.



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