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The time for action on climate change is now, and we can all do our part to reduce our footprint to help make our world greener. With so much of your time, and energy consumption, being made during the working day it’s time to think about ways we can make our workplaces more environmentally friendly.

We’ve put some of these measures in place at JustGiving, and we’re committing to doing even more in 2019. Here’s some ideas to inspire your efforts:

Go paperless – reducing paper consumption is a great way to improve your green credentials, both by lowering your need for paper stock and the energy used to run printers and copiers.

Turn off the lights – it’s shocking how many businesses leave lights on and machines running outside of office hours. Reduce your electricity spend and be greener at the same time by encouraging staff to shut everything off at the end of the day.

Get some plants – adding some plants to your desks will help improve the air quality in your office AND they improve productivity as well.

Ditch the plastic – encourage your staff to dump plastic by providing cutlery for their use at lunchtime. Less plastic, less waste, better planet.

Recycle – get recycling bins around the office and encourage your staff to use them properly. 70% of office waste is recyclable yet many workplaces still send theirs to landfill.

Keep it casual – bit out of left field but consider a casual dress code policy. Allowing people to ditch the suits makes it easier for your staff to dress appropriately for the temperature of the office, reducing your need to hit the thermostat to make sure everyone is comfortable in the office.

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