Help Your Great North Run Fundraisers Win a £200 Donation Boost 

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Each year, thousands of runners use JustGiving for their Great North Run fundraising. We know that our charity partners do a lot to prepare for this epic event, from stewarding fundraisers to rallying your supporters. This year, we wanted to do a little extra to help you on your Great North Run 2024 fundraising journey. 

Between 12 February and 31 March 2024, any fundraiser who creates a JustGiving fundraising page for the Great North Run will be entered into a competition to win one of 10 donation prizes worth £200 each!

How It Works

When your charity connects your Campaign Page to the Great North Run 2024 event and shares it with your runners, they can create their own fundraising pages and start raising money for your charity. If their page is created between 12 February and 31 March, they’ll automatically be entered into the competition. It’s really that easy!  

See our Terms & Conditions for more information. 

Share These Tips With Your Fundraisers

Keeping your fundraisers inspired, engaged, and on track for success doesn’t need to be tricky. Here are some top tips you can share with your Great North Runners to help them meet their fundraising targets this year. 

  1. Donate to Yourself 

    Nobody likes to see ‘£0 raised’ on their fundraising page. On average, those who make the first donation to their own page tend to raise up to 58% more than those who do not. A little can go a long way!

  2. Use all the JustGiving Tools Available 

    Whether it’s helping your runners craft compelling fundraising stories with Story Enhancer or connecting a growing number of fitness apps to their pages, JustGiving has several tools available to provide a great fundraising experience.  

  3. Spread the Word! 

    Successful fundraising is all about momentum. Every page share — whether via email, social media, posters, or good ol’ word of mouth — can help your fundraisers reach their goals. Encourage your runners to share their pages online and don’t forget to like, comment on, and reshare their content using your charity’s own communications channels. Check out our Top 10 Fundraising Tips for some inspiration!

Launch Your Great North Run Campaign

The Great North Run is many things: a challenge, a celebration, and an opportunity for your charity to accomplish wonderful things. Bring your community together and make an even bigger impact this year by starting a Great North Run 2024 campaign with JustGiving. 

Here’s how to get started: 

  1. Add the Event

    Add the official Great North Run 2024 Event (ID 8540120) to your account to access it when creating your campaign.  

    Add Your Event  

  2. Create and Connect Your Campaign

    Bring your supporters together, see real-time progress in one place, and inspire more fundraising. 

    Create a Campaign
    Connect Your Campaign 

  3. Engage Your Fundraisers

    Encourage your Great North Runners to create fundraising pages as soon as possible. Remember that every Great North Run page created between 12 February and 31 March will be eligible for the £200 competition. The longer these fundraising pages are active, the greater the chances your runners will achieve their fundraising goals ahead of the Great North Run in September. 

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