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Nominations are now being accepted for the best Social CEOs in the charity sector.

Founded in 2013, Social CEOs celebrates the leaders of tomorrow and today, by recognising CEOs, trustees, senior leaders and managers from the charity sector for their hard work across social media.

Over the last five years, we’ve given an accolade to dozens of charity leaders, all of whom have made the digital charity world an exciting place to observe.

Want to know how they did it? Here are our top tips for becoming a social savvy CEO.

Be consistent with how you post

For lots of charity leaders, social media is all or nothing. For a few weeks they’re tweeting every two minutes, and then nothing for a month.

If your followers are used to hearing from you every day and then you drop off the face of the earth, you’ll lose engagement in your posts when you return.

So if you’re posting regularly and getting a good response, keep it going.

It’s not all about you

Our best social media experts don’t limit their discussions to their own work lives on social media, they talk about everyone else’s, too. If you’re interested in something, your followers probably are too, and they get to hear your opinion on it.

Talk about people and organisations whose work you admire. Retweet, reply and ask questions.

Give personal insights when you can

You don’t need to tell everyone what you’re having for breakfast (although you can if you want to), but your followers are engaged with you as an individual. So they will be interested in what’s happening in your life.

They understand that you’re a human being too, so don’t be afraid to tell them if your train made you late for an important meeting, or your kids have had you up all night, or you happen to disagree with a major piece of political policy.

Your followers will be interested to hear about who you really are and what you really like or don’t like.

Highlight your digital trailblazing

It’s no secret that some charities are lagging behind when it comes to digital. If you’re pushing a digital revolution within your organisation, or changing the lives of your beneficiaries through digital trailblazing, then shout about it on your social.

Not only will your followers be glad to hear it, but they’ll take inspiration from your energy, and it might inspire them to take on their own digital change programmes.

Take inspiration from others

Who do you follow, and why? If you’re looking to up your own game, it’s a good idea to take inspiration from people you already admire.

Have a look at some of last year’s winners: @Matthew_Hodson, @jamcusack and @LondonKirsty are good examples.


On September 20th Clare Laxton and Kate Lee from Clic Sargent will be hosting a live Q&A for any social media charity folk looking to improve what they have the offer. You can take part by hashtagging #AskASocialCEO between 3.30pm and 4.30pm.


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