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We’ve all heard of the power of positive thinking, and now we want to tell you about the power of Positive Postcards! Due to COVID-19, now more than ever we need charities and the vital work you do, and over the past few weeks we’ve seen the amazing things people can achieve when they rally together to support good causes. To help you raise awareness of your charity and to give you something fun to engage your supporters, we’ve launched a range of virtual Positive Postcards.

How do they work?

Positive Postcards are bold designs which your supporters can personalise and then easily share to their social media pages. The Postcards help to raise awareness of your charity, allow supporters to give you a friendly shout out and make it easy for fundraisers to ask for donations to their Fundraising Pages.

We’ve created a dedicated Positive Postcard page which gives supporters the option of using one of our most popular pre-made Postcards, such as a Happy Birthday card to Captain Tom or a Clap for Carers card. Alternatively, they can create their own card for either a charity or fundraiser. There’s no limit to the number of Postcards that someone can make, plus they’re totally free to design and download.

JustGiving Captain Tom

Step 1

Once someone has clicked to create a postcard they’ll be taken to a new page where they can search for their charity, or if they’re creating a Fundraising Postcard then they can add in a Fundraising Page url.

All charities with a JustGiving account are listed in the simple search box, and if your charity has added colours or a logo to its JustGiving Page then these will automatically be added to the Postcard. This helps Postcards for your cause to easily stand out. Pretty cool!

JustGiving Positive Postcards

Step 2

People can now click to add their own personal message to the Postcard. This might be a lovely message of appreciation for your charity, a shout out, or a few words asking friends and family to donate. Whatever people choose to write, they can make it totally their own so the postcards never feel like an awkward, or overly corporate message.

JustGiving Positive Postcard

Step 3

Share and donate! We’ve made it super easy for your supporters to share their Postcard as we’ve added to large Facebook and Twitter buttons which will allow them to post their message in two clicks. Below the buttons we’ve also added a donation ask. The ask is personalised to the name of the charity or a fundraiser and it’s paired with a donate now button. After all, people are creating the card as a way to show their love and support for a cause, so this is an ideal moment to ask them to show support through a donation.

JustGiving Positive Postcard

Tell your supporters about the Positive Postcards!

Get your supporters involved! Having Postcards shared with your charity’s name and branding will help to keep up awareness of your amazing cause, plus social media posts that link to a specific Fundraising Page have been proven to help increase the number of donations. Direct your supports to the Positive Postcard page here, or why not head over yourself and have a go to see just how great they look!


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