How to Create a London Marathon Event Landing Page on JustGiving 

London Marathon Campaign Page Tips

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in 2017 | Updated in April 2024 for comprehensiveness and accuracy.  

If you’re starting to plan for London Marathon 2025, this article will show you how to run your campaign on JustGiving to give your supporters the best experience, and help them raise more money.  

The best ways to use Campaign Pages for London Marathon 

Build your community and supporter spirit 

It’s motivating simply knowing you’re not the only one with aching knees and blisters… 

A Campaign Page groups your runners together as part of something bigger; part of a team. Your community can see other runners’ training and fundraising milestones. People love this! 

This also means all donations made directly to your Campaign Page and your supporters’ connected Fundraising Pages are added to the combined total in real-time. 

Bowel Cancer UK’s London Marathon fundraising page  

Inspire healthy fundraising competition 

People are inspired by other people. When runners see others reaching their fundraising target, they want to do more to hit theirs! 

Your Campaign Page leaderboard shows how much your runners have raised in order of the amount they’ve raised online. Your supporters will love striving for those top spots! 

With a leaderboard, you also can see at-a-glance who has or hasn’t hit a milestone in their fundraising yet. Use this knowledge to improve your fundraiser stewardship and reach out to those who need a bit of extra guidance. 

An example of a fundraising leaderboard on SHINE’s London Marathon Campaign Page 

Update your supporters instantly 

Come Mile 16, your runners will need extra motivation to push on, and your updates and support could give them the boost they need. 

Use your Campaign Page’s story section to motivate your runners even further. 

  • Cheer people on, say congrats, and remind them of the difference they’re making. 
  • Add pictures of your charity’s work or your supporters to proudly show off their stories and inspire people that visit the page. 
  • Embed YouTube videos to share more about your campaign and your mission  
  • Use our Quote Text feature to highlight the most important parts of your story 

Integrate fitness apps 

This one is especially helpful for London Marathon! Your supporters can automatically share their fitness tracking, training pics, miles, and maps to keep their network updated on their progress. 

See how our Strava integration works or learn more about Fundraising Page integration with Fitbit. 

Made a Strava Club for your London Marathon team? Add a link to it in your story section, social media bios, and website to encourage fundraisers to join and link their fundraising pages too! 

Save time with quick and easy reporting 

Our simple fundraising reporting makes it easier than ever to keep track of the performance of your London Marathon campaign.  

By using Regular Giving on Campaign Pages, people can set up recurring donations directly to your campaign page. They can even choose for them to continue past the campaign’s end date.  

Share and celebrate your runners 

Share your team’s progress with your network by sharing a link to your Campaign Page on social media and via email. You can also promote your Campaign on your website by using our fundraising toolkit: 

  • Use your Donate link to drop supporters directly into the journey to quickly and easily donate to your Campaign 
  • Create a QR code to use on your website and in the real world. Simply add /qrcode to the end of your Campaign’s URL to get the code that leads supporters straight to your page. 

“Creating a campaign page through JustGiving for London Marathon helped us build a sense of team for the runners from day one and JustGiving gave us tips on the best times to share pages for maximum impact. 

Missing People 

How to set up a simple Event Landing Page for London Marathon 

When you create a Campaign Page for London Marathon and share it with your community, people can start creating their own fundraising pages to raise money for you. 

Log in to your JustGiving account 

Log into JustGiving

Add London Marathon 2025 to your charity’s Events list  

Click on “Events & Widgets” at the top of the page, then click Add an Event. 

Type London Marathon in the Name of Event* field, then add the Event’s start date (04/27/2025). Scroll down and you can add the official London Marathon 2025 Event to your account. 
Adding the Event allows you to access it when creating your London Marathon Campaign Page on JustGiving so that you can link your Campaign to it and contribute to the total raised during the Event. 

Create your Campaign 

Bring your supporters together, see real-time progress in one place, and inspire more fundraising. 
Click “Campaigns” at the top of the page, then create and customise your page for London Marathon. 
Create a Campaign now | Learn how to create a campaign

Connect your Campaign to the London Marathon Event 

Here’s where you choose the Event you added in Step 2! 
Search for London Marathon and you can connect your Campaign Page to build your community and add to the event’s success. The event ID we’re using for London Marathon 2025 is 8739305.

Connect your Campaign 

Need help?

We’re happy to help! Looking for advice on all things London Marathon 2025, or need help connecting your campaign to the event? Book a call with our Customer Success team. 

Book a call 

Create your London Marathon Campaign Page now

Creating a Page takes just a few minutes! Log in to your JustGiving account to create a Campaign Page for your London Marathon. 

Create your London Marathon Campaign Page  

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