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Our London marathon numbers show that people raise on average £200 more if they start their fundraising well before Christmas, so now is the perfect time to create an online community for your London marathon runners

With a Campaign Page on JustGiving you can create an online community for an event or appeal. Recently, we’ve seen some great success stories of charities using Campaign Pages as event landing pages for London marathon. In this post we’ll share how you can make them work for your charity too. (Skip to the end for a handy how to guide on how to create your London marathon event landing page).


Why is a Campaign Page great for your runners?

1. Community and team spirit

With your Campaign Page you can create a real a sense of community amongst your runners and make them feel proud of, as a team, how much more they are helping your cause raise.

“Creating a campaign page through JustGiving for London Marathon was a no-brainer. It helped us build a sense of team for the runners from day one and JustGiving gave us tips on the best times to share pages for maximum impact. I was particularly impressed with how reliable JustGiving’s donation functionality was throughout the build up to the event, even at peak times. I would recommend creating campaign pages to all event fundraisers” Missing People

Training for a marathon can be gruelling. A Campaign Pages lets your runners know they’re part of something bigger; part of a team. Grouping your runners’ pages together allows individuals to see others’ training updates and milestones, as well as how much they’ve raised so far. They’ll be motivated by the knowledge that they’re not the only ones getting blisters, but also encouraged to make a push for donations when they see on the leaderboard that another runner has reached 50% of his fundraising target.

2. Healthy competition

Let’s not forget that most runners are aiming to complete the marathon in a desired time or faster than a previous year. Why not add some healthy competition to their fundraising too? Your Campaign Page leaderboard shows how much your runners have raised in order of the amount they’ve raised online.

3. Updates and pictures from you

Use the Campaign Page story to motivate your runners further, by posting updates, saying congratulations and reminding them of the difference their fundraising will make to your cause. Come mile 16, they’ll need lots of extra motivation to push on, and your words of encouragement and support will really help!

Adding additional photos to the gallery on the page can be used for this too. You could add pictures of the work your charity does, or of your runners to proudly show off their stories and inspire people that visit the page.

What’s in it for your charity?

Feeling a bit daunted by the amount of time and resource you need for the 2018 marathon? Have no fear, we can help!

1. Quickly see who needs some extra help

With a Campaign Page you can see at-a-glance who has or hasn’t hit a milestone in their fundraising yet and use that knowledge to improve your fundraiser stewardship. Knowing who you need to offer more help to, and when will help you raise more money. The leaderboard on the page will go hand-in-hand with this. Seeing how fellow runners are getting on should encourage peer-to-peer influence and self-stewardship too.

2. Free fundraising tips and resource for your runners

Don’t have the time, resource or knowledge to offer training and fundraising tips? We’ve got that covered too! Over the last 15 years we’ve learnt a lot about helping London marathon runners raise more money online, so we’ve put everything we know into a hub of London marathon fundraising ideas, running tips, stories from other runners and lots of other fun stuff like running playlists!

It includes the behaviours of the most successful fundraisers on JustGiving, so share this with your runners to help them raise more.

3. Save time with quick and easy reporting

Our new and improved reporting makes it easier than ever to keep track of the performance of your London marathon fundraisers. And with just a quick glance at the Campaign Page any staff member can see the team’s running total. All donations made to Fundraising Pages, as well as any direct donations to the page are added to the combined total in real-time.

4. Share and celebrate your runners

Share your team’s progress with your network by sharing a link to your Campaign Page on Twitter, Facebook and email. And you can promote it on your website too by using our Campaign Card Widget

Start building your London marathon community today

Creating a draft Campaign Page takes just a few minutes – use this simple how to guide to get started today.


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