How to get your first Campaign donation

Campaign Donations

Setting up a charity Campaign Page on JustGiving takes minutes, but getting your first donation can sometimes take a little bit longer.

In this post, we share 5 top tips to help you get those donations rolling in. Fast.

1. Feature your Campaign on your JustGiving profile

Featuring a Campaign on your profile page, like the Sumatran Orangutan Society, means that anyone who visits your page will immediately see the appeal you are running at the moment.



To do this, log into your Campaign dashboard and simply click on the ‘feature on profile’ button.

2. Promote your Campaign Page on your own website.

Your website is where people who care about your cause will visit, so make it clear what you’re fundraising for by creating a landing page all about your appeal and, if possible, feature it on your Home page. Add a Donate or Start fundraising button to your Campaign landing page to encourage people to either donate or start fundraising specifically for your Campaign:

Campaigns Buttons

To add a button to your site, drop in your Campaign URL where it says ‘YOUR URL’ in the HTML code below and ask your web team to insert it into your web page.


<a href=”YOUR URL“><img src=”” alt=”Donate with JustGiving” /></a>

Start fundraising

<a href=”YOUR URL“><img src=”” alt=”Start fundraising with JustGiving” /></a>

The Bumblebee Trust have created a number of Campaigns and are doing a great job of promoting them all on a landing page on their website, with a clear call to action.


3. Encourage your supporters to start fundraising

Once you’ve created a landing page on your website for your Campaign, encourage your supporters to fundraise by giving them lots of fundraising ideas and how their money will help. Here’s our free Fundraising A-Z that you can add to your website for your supporters to download. You could also include fundraising ideas in your Story on the Campaign Page itself.

Dance4 are fundraising for a new dance hall and their employees are all doing their own thing to help raise funds and to inspire their supporters to get involved too!

Dance44. Share the page on social media

Sharing your page with your supporters is another great way to get the word out about your Campaign. If your Campaign is related to a trending topic, make sure to add in a relevant hashtag to reach more people.

Doctors of the World UK promoted their Campaign to support the Calais migrants by tweeting links to their page and by using a trending hashtag so that it reached people beyond just their Twitter followers:

We have more promotion tips in our free Campaigns Toolkit.

5. Encourage text donations

Text giving is a great way to receive donations from people when they are out and about. If you are a UK charity you can create a Fundraising Page linked to your Campaign and add a text code to the Fundraising Page, then promote the text code on your main Campaign page, on your landing page, on social media as well as at events that your charity holds. Anything raised from the text code will reflect in your Campaign total.

Brainstrust have a page on their site dedicated to their Wear Grey campaign where they are promoting text donations:


By taking these steps, those donations will start rolling in.

Want to hear more about Campaigns? Sign up for one of our free Campaign webinars.

Campaigns Webinar

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Camilla is a Customer Success Manager at JustGiving. She joined in 2012 to help bring JustGiving into new markets and is dedicated to ensuring charities from all over the world utilise the platform to its full potential and making sure they get the most out of our fundraising tools.