How to make an appeal page for the Typhoon Haiyan relief efforts


How to make an appeal page

On the 8th of November Typhoon Haiyan, locally known as Yolanda, hit the Philippines. With wind speeds of 235 kilometres per hour and storm surges up to six metres high, it’s the largest typhoon to hit land. Words cannot fully convey the severity of the damage.

As of today, 11 million people have been affected, 673,000 people are displaced, and thousands are believed to have been killed. As if that wasn’t enough, organisations are having a difficult time getting much needed supplies to affected areas, there are reports of looting and other crimes, and many do not have access to food, safe water and electricity.

No matter your cause, your organisation can mobilise support for the relief efforts by creating an emergency appeal page on JustGiving.

What is an appeal page?

Appeal pages are a useful tool to engage your supporters to achieve a common goal. Through these pages you can raise funds for a specific cause, project or occasion. Appeal pages have all of the standard JustGiving fundraising page tools, so your supporters can make an online or text donation. In turn, you can track how much your appeal has raised in your reports and post regular updates to keep donors up to date.

How to make an appeal page

The video below gives you a great overview and provides a step by step guide.

[slideshare id=15727779]

Once you’ve created an appeal page, show your solidarity with other charities by joining The Philippines Emergency Appeal team page. Doing so not only enables you to reach a broader audience, but allows you to see the efforts globally.

Charities such as the Disaster Emergency Appeal, ShelterBox and UNICEF Australia have already linked their appeal pages.

Beyond Typhoon Haiyan

Appeal pages are an effective way to raise funds for a specific goal, particularly following a natural disaster. So consider using appeal pages to raise awareness and support for other worthwhile causes.

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