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We are all aware of the pending Instagram algorithm, not just because of the last few days and the many images from friends and scared companies prompting you to turn on the notifications when that account posts.

Instagram is a platform that has always seen quality outperform quantity, the best possible images posted at the best time equals the best engagement on your images. This will not change and this one core foundation will always stay, ensure you provide the best possible imagery and you will continue to succeed on Instagram.

Tips and tools that will help you succeed

  • Tools like crowdfire publish (formally take off) will help you understand the best times to post.
  • If you would like to schedule for the best times tools like latergram will help you greatly.
  • Continue to use the most accurate hashtags to help your picture have a longer timeline.
  • If you have a blog or create online content think about how you could embed your picture and encourage engagement around that image.

Things to remember

A really important thing to remember when requesting turned on notifications from your audience is:

The more push notifications you receive, the more annoying the app becomes, and the less that you find it useful leading to the app being used less.

Instagram have been pretty clear in their communications that they are listening and constantly taking on feedback, so the change will be gradual and won’t disrupt your core experience.

Tweet from Instagram with update: 

Lessons learned from Facebook

A lesson to take away from the Facebook shift to algorithmic news feed is; as long as your audience has affinity to you and your account, and continues to engage on your posts, the more news feeds you will appear in and continue to appear in.  

Try to apply the same logic on Instagram as you do on Facebook, this will also apply across other social networks namely Twitter as they are switching users to an algorithmic timeline.

Something to question moving forward:

Many people are suggesting Instagram is to become a pay to play platform (meaning you have to pay for mass reach) If you would not want to pay for the Instagram picture for exposure – is that post good enough to appear on your profile? Maybe this then will challenge how good your image really is.

To wrap up, continue to appeal to your core audience, continue to create great and powerful content. Really question how you want to build out a quality experience with Instagram as an enabler platform not just a tool.


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