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Today, we’re excited to share that JustGiving is the first fundraising platform in the UK to launch an exciting, new payment method enabled by open banking that will make it even easier for people to donate to your charity. 

It’s called Pay with Bank transfer and just like the name suggests, it enables donations to be made on JustGiving via a bank transfer. There’s no set up required, it’s very simple and speedy to use, and with the payment handled entirely by the donor’s bank, it’s super secure.

Pay with Bank transfer is powered by American Express but open to everyone, so any of your supporters with a UK bank account will be able to give to your cause on JustGiving in just a few clicks – all without card details to hand.

How does it work?

All a donor will need to do is click on the ‘Bank transfer’ button on the donation page of JustGiving and select their UK bank. They’ll then be automatically redirected to the bank’s webpage or app, where they will authenticate using their normal method and approve the pre-filled transfer details. That’s it. Check out the below video to see it in action:

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What are the benefits of donating with Bank transfer?

Pay with Bank transfer allows people to make donations on the go, even when they don’t have their card to hand.

It also shows them their account balance before they approve the donation, and means they’ll benefit from bank-grade security, as the payment will be handled entirely by their bank.

Tell us what you think

We’re excited to be bringing this ground-breaking payment method to you and your donors. Tweet us @JGcauses to let us know what you think.

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Sally Falvey has worked in online fundraising for over 10 years, and is the Head of Growth Marketing at JustGiving. She’s passionate about helping all charities use the latest technology to be more efficient and raise more money.