Is your Facebook engagement declining? You are not alone


Getting your message to your Facebook audience organically can sometimes be a frustrating process. Some posts will see high levels of engagement, while others see little more than tumbleweed.

Some tumbleweed

You may be beating your head against the wall trying to understand why this is happening, or why your tried and trusted Facebook marketing tricks are no longer paying off, but according to BuzzSumo this is a trend that all brands and publishers on Facebook are experiencing. So it’s not only you.

Here’s what BuzzSumo has discovered:

Facebook engagement graph 2017

In their analysis, BuzzSumo has revealed that the average number of engagements with posts by brands and publishers on Facebook fell by more than 20% since January of this year. You can read their full breakdown on their website, but here are the quick takeaways for the TLDR crowd:

  • Average engagement with posts by brands and publishers dropped more than 20% since the beginning of 2017
  • The biggest drop in engagement was seen with image posts and posts containing links. The smallest fall was seen with video posts, which now gain twice the engagement as other posts on average.

Facebook engagement by post

Why is this happening?

There are a number of reasons that BuzzSumo point to that could explain the fall in engagement. They include:

  • Clutter in the newsfeed: more brands and publishers are vying for the same space, meaning there is higher competition.
  • Facebook algorithm changes mean reach has been reduced

So, what can you do?

Do your analysis on what is still working for you as a Facebook publisher of course, but in general focusing on video content is a good way to provide the content that is getting the most attention.

Although video content production can be time-consuming, as a charity it is a great way to connect people that care about your cause to different appeals or work that you are doing. Even a simple video created with iMovie or similar editor will be a good start.

For a deep dive, check out another great article that BuzzSumo have produced that details loads of different tips you can use to boost engagement and make sure you are able to reach people who care about you!

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