Just Announced: 6+ New JustGiving Features to Help Improve Your Impact 

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At JustGiving, we know that building new and optimised ways to raise the most money possible empowers charities to do their best work. 

And we’re especially excited because we have a LOT in store this year! 

In our recent webinar, we announced a host of core new features, tools, and integrations designed to help you make even more of an impact. 

Here’s what’s new. 

Page Creation Optimisation 

An incredible 2,750 fundraising pages are created every single day on JustGiving! 

But we think there’s always room to grow. 

We’ve given the fundraising page process for mobile devices a refresh – to help people create their perfect page right from the start. 

Available now for fundraisers on Do Your Own Thing and Occasion page types (and coming soon to all page types!). 

Impact stats: 

  • 3.5% uplift in page activation 
  • 3% uplift in page value 

Donor Checkout Optimisation

People donated over 17 million times on JustGiving in 2022. During that time, we ran over 100 AB tests to make the checkout experience the best it can be. 

This makes it clear what works best to help your charity raise more. 

For example, we tested adding a totaliser to the top of the checkout…and it increased the average donation by 1.3%! 

We take these learnings and go forward with what performs best to help improve checkout conversions now and into the future. 

Impact stats: 

  • 1.3% increase in average donation 

Fundraising Pages Summary

Now you can learn even more about your supporters to help you personalise your stewardship. 

New for your charity account is a mini dashboard featuring all the fundraising details you currently get, and more! 

  • Fundraising page targets and totals 
  • Campaign details 
  • Marketing opt-in status 

Share to Instagram 

This is one you, your fundraisers, and their social followers are going to love! 

We ran some major tests recently around how important sharing on social media is for fundraising pages. In the process, we identified Instagram as a key channel for driving traffic to pages. 

The optimisations we made from these tests resulted in a 12% YoY increase in traffic! 

And with our new share to Instagram feature, we’re aiming to improve it further. Now fundraisers can auto-generate a story or reel that includes their JustGiving page’s story, target and amount raised to date. Awesome! 

Impact stats: 

  • 12% increase in traffic to fundraising pages 

Dynamic emails for fundraisers 

Our email lifecycle and content is the backbone of our fundraiser stewardship. 

We’ve built up seven email journeys over the last two years: a total of 250 dynamic emails that give fundraisers the best experience possible. 

The best part? No two people will receive the exact same series of emails. 

Impact stats: 

  • 6% increase in page activation 
  • 2.5% increase in page value 

Plus, with help from our partners at Movable Ink, your fundraisers’ emails are entirely personalised to them and their progress. They’ll get the support they need when they need it! 

Impact stats: 

  • 1.7% increase in page value 

Fundraising integrations 

Njuko integration 

Create an amazing fundraising event from top to bottom with our Njuko integration! Your supporters can register for your event and create a page on JustGiving in one seamless journey. 

We think you’ll love the customisation options, custom URLs, and flexible ticketing to make the entire process easier! 

Fitbit integration 

10 million fitness activities were logged on JustGiving in 2022. Now, alongside our super popular Strava integration, steps count for more for Fitbit users too. 

Your fundraisers can now link their fundraising pages with their Fitbit account! This allows them to share their step count and fitness achievements directly to their fundraising page. 

SwiftAid integration 

Swiftaid is a Gift Aid network and automation service that removes the need for donors to complete a Gift Aid form every time they donate. 

You don’t want to miss out on this. There’s over £400,000 in unclaimed Gift Aid every year. Gift Aid claim is now baked into our donation flow, enabling people to register on Swiftaid and add Gift Aid to their online donation. 

Our partnership with Swiftaid also means that twice a year we can give charities a Gift Aid boost. We check to make sure no Gift Aid was missed for you on recent donations to make sure you get that extra 25%. 

Learn more about how to easily claim Gift Aid with JustGiving as your Gift Aid agent in our Complete Guide to Gift Aid for Charities 

But wait… there’s more!

That’s not all. We also recently announced: 

Regular giving on campaign pages and fundraising pages in the UK to raise even more money every month. 

Custom codes to make tracking campaigns even simpler 

– Our results from an entire year of testing the power of our Share features (an extra £151 million raised for good causes!) 

One more thing 

We’re not done yet! What we’ve covered so far are our recent announcements, but there’s so much more coming up later this year… 

Catch up on everything in our new webinar, What’s New on JustGiving? (March 2023): https://pages.justgiving.com/webinar-whats-new-on-justgiving-march-2023.html

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