Just Launched: The JustGiving Guide to London Marathon 2025 

LM 2025 Guide

London Marathon fundraising is enormous and only continues to grow. 

In 2024, charities used JustGiving to raise a record-breaking £42 million (and counting) in London Marathon! 

And now we’ve set our sights on helping charities go even bigger next year. 

2025? Didn’t the 2024 event just finish? 

That’s right. We know it seems early. But London Marathon places are already open for 2025, runners are signing up, and charities are starting to plan. 

Now the thought of preparing for an event this size might seem intimidating. 

Perhaps as intimidating as running the race without training. 

But no stress: we just published the brand-new JustGiving Guide to London Marathon 2025. 

It’s got everything your charity needs to know to plan and execute a successful fundraising campaign in one of the biggest marathons on the planet. 

We’ve packed decades of our team’s event fundraising and London Marathon knowledge into this one PDF. 

Keep reading to see what’s in it. 

Or skip the rest and get the guide now.

What’s in the guide? 

The latest London Marathon insights on JustGiving & your fundraising potential 

In 2024, JustGiving was the London Marathon’s most trusted platform for fundraising, driving 928,000 donations, 18,000 Fundraising Pages, and a £2,410 average page value for 1,700+ charities. Learn every opportunity for your charity to maximise your runners’ Fundraising Pages, your donations, and the average page value in London Marathon 2025. 

Planning an end-to-end London Marathon fundraising campaign on JustGiving 

Know the timeline and plan ahead. Did you know London Marathon pages created on JustGiving well in advance of event day raise more? Better yet, pages created before Christmas raise 24% more on average. Our updated London Marathon fundraising timeline will show you exactly how to plan your fundraising campaign for every time of year. Plus, you’ll discover the easy way to define success and set the right targets for your charity. 

Designing the perfect Campaign Page 

Your JustGiving Campaign Page is the cornerstone to your campaign: where you connect fundraisers and donations. Learn how to optimise every bit of it, from titling your Page to writing your story to linking it to the London Marathon Event. 

Our best stewarding and fundraiser support tips 

Learn the best ways to accept fundraiser applications, convert runners to fundraisers, and build a communications plan that keeps momentum going through to race day. 

Winning examples of London Marathon campaigns 

See examples of stellar, successful London Marathon campaigns from charities including Rethink Mental Illness, The National Brain Appeal, and The Lullaby Trust. 

Get your free guide

Smash your 2025 London Marathon fundraising and improving your past results.

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Phoebe is a Customer Success Manager at JustGiving, working with charities to help them make the most of JustGiving's tools and insights.