Five new things you can do with JustGiving Campaigns


You asked, we delivered. We’ve updated our Campaigns with new features to make them even more powerful and versatile for you to use. If you haven’t used them before Campaigns are a simple way to fund a specific cause, need or appeal. Harnessing the power of the crowd, your supporters can donate to help or become advocates by launching their own Fundraising Page to fund your Campaign.

So what’s new?

We’ve added some great new capabilities to our Campaigns, here are some of the new features:

Add wallpaper


Your page will have more impact when you add a striking background image to support your appeal.

Include video, quotes and links


Add rich story elements to your Campaign for the first time, as your page can now support video, quotes and links.

Link your Campaign to an event


Build an event hub using a Campaign Page, where all your charity team members’ fundraising is in one place! Add a step in your event registration where fundraisers click ‘Start fundraising’ on your Campaign. Their page will then be linked to the event hub, and their total added to the team totaliser!

Create default imagery and story


Set default text and images that will appear on every Fundraising Page created for your Campaign, guaranteeing that your message is being communicated the way you want.

Draft, schedule, launch


When you create a new campaign you will be able to save a draft, schedule a start and end date, or launch immediately. This makes it easier than ever to simultaneously launch your appeal alongside your comms plans.

To find out more about Campaigns click here



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