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The Good Digital podcast is three episodes of their latest series on JustGiving, chatting to people from our team about the company, what trends we are seeing for the charity world, and how we are working on new features and innovations to help make it easier for charities to raise more money and change more lives. 

Here’s what Karina Brisby from the Good Digital podcast says about the first episode featuring Jamie Parkins, Senior Product Manager with JustGiving:

At the start of summer I spent a day with the team at JustGiving to chat to some of their team about how they use digital to enable positive change, how they grew their organisation in a rapidly changing environment and how their new tools will continue to push the limits of digital and what they have learnt along the way that could be helpful for other organisations. 
There was so much fantastic content, I decided to have a three-part special, to make sure that the Good Digital community didn’t have to miss out on any of the good stuff.  
Good Digital is all about creating community so if you have any comments or tips you want to share please feel free to add them to the show notes of our podcast and, if you have any suggestions for topics or people you would like to hear from please let me know. 
Click play on the player below to listen to the Good Digital podcast:

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