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Today we bring you the second in the Good Digital podcast series with JustGiving. If you missed episode one with Jamie Parkins you can read about that in our blog post from last week here.

Today’s episode features Jonathan Waddingham, Product Manager at JustGiving. Karina Brisby from the Good Digital podcast has this to say about their discussion:

“In today’s episode, Jonathan and I discuss JustGiving’s crowdfunding tool, and how it can be used to support individuals and communities, especially in a time of crisis.

Jonathan and I also talk about how crowdfunding and the new campaign tool can be used to incubate new ideas for social good projects or new charitable activities, as well as how to make sure that your fundraising plans have the best possible chance for success.

Jonathan discusses the increasing importance of messaging apps and tools and how they can be used to help raise funds, by making it easy to share links. Over £2 million have donated via Whats App links through the JustGiving iPhone App alone.

Jonathan also shared some excellent tips on how to plan your crowdfunding and fundraising strategies to ensure that you make the most of the efforts of your organisations and supporters.”

Liaten via the player below

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