New Ways Your Charity Can Raise More in London Marathon 2024

New Ways To Raise More

At JustGiving, we’re proud to support charity fundraising in some of the world’s biggest and most popular fitness events.

London Marathon, of course, is a crowd favourite. In fact, charities raised a jaw-dropping £39 million in London Marathon 2023 on JustGiving – more than on any other platform.

But how about 2024? Well, fundraisers using JustGiving have already raised over £1 million for causes they love as part of London Marathon 2024. And we’re still six months out!

For any of your supporters that haven’t yet created pages, here’s a stat that might help get them going:

London Marathon runners who create JustGiving fundraising pages before Christmas raise 24% more on average.

Incredible! So, whether you and your fundraisers are already feeling confident, or need a push towards the big challenge ahead, we’ve got you covered. Here are the new and exciting things we’re doing to help you and your fundraisers smash your fundraising goals in 2024.


London Marathon Fundraiser Newsletter

Over 8,500 runners are already set to fundraise on JustGiving for a charity they love in London Marathon 2024. And our newsletter made just for fundraisers is here to help them raise more than ever.

What it is: a JustGiving newsletter built just for fundraisers running in London Marathon. We share our top tips for creating the perfect fundraising page, asking for donations, and more. Plus, they can get join in fun surveys, giveaways, and more to keep the excitement going all the way through race day!

When it starts: Open now

How it works: anyone who’s fundraising on JustGiving as part of London Marathon 2024 can sign up for free. Share this link with your London Marathon fundraisers on email and social and and tell them to join.

Our London Marathon fundraiser newsletter is inspiration, educational, and fun for fundraisers running in London Marathon.

Start fundraising in London Marathon 2024

Do your best fundraising ever in the world’s biggest community fitness event.

Create your Campaign Page

Learn how to create your Campaign Page, see charity examples, and get everything you need to be successful.

Share these tips with your fundraisers

Here are our top tips for helping runners meet their fundraising targets.

Donate to yourself

On average, those who start their fundraising by donate to their own page go on to raise 58% more than those who don’t.

Use all the JustGiving tools available

We just launched the ultimate fundraising storytelling sidekick: Story Enhancer! As well as seven other updates to help fundraisers raise more and have an even better experience.

Spread the word far and wide

Fundraisers raised a total of £151 million (not a typo!) combined, simply by sharing their pages in 2022. Every share counts! Encourage your supporters to share their pages online and with their friends and family – and don’t forget to reshare their content to your charity’s social media channels.

Personalise your page

Personalising a JustGiving page with a detailed fundraising story can lead to 36% more donations. Make sure your runners are telling people exactly why they’re choosing to take part in the London Marathon for your cause.

Get all of our top tips for helping your fundraisers create the perfect pages.

We encourage you to tap into all the tools and resources above to make 2024’s London Marathon the best ever! For any questions or help getting started, reach out to us here.

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