[Part 2] Help your fundraisers hit 10% of their London marathon target by Christmas


Your fundraiser’s plan

1. Share, but share smart

We always talk about the importance of fundraisers sharing their pages as much as possible. To make sure they raise as much as possible, it’s important to think about who they’re sharing their page within the first instance. Early in their fundraising journey, ie. In the run-up to Christmas, you should encourage your fundraisers to share their page with the people closest to them – family, close friends etc. Even better, share this via Whatsapp or in a text so that it’s a more personal ask. In theory, the closer the network, the more likely they will be to donate… and in a lot of cases, donate larger amounts. This also sets a precedence for the donors that follow.

2. Make the perfect page

Your fundraisers’ accounts are toolboxes full of useful tools ready to make their pages the best they can be, and in turn raise as much as possible. The more tools they use, the more likely they are to hit their target, fact. Encourage your team members to make the perfect page by sending them top tips on how to personalise it, write an engaging story and amplify their reach. Make sure they know that this is important throughout their fundraising, not just something to be ticked off at the start. Adding an update to their London marathon page could lead to them raising 27% more! This could be a photo from a training run, even their muddy trainers, and by sharing their update(s) on social media, fundraisers have a different way to share their page and ask for donations.


3. Be creative!

Let your fundraisers know that they can raise money by doing other things aside from simply sharing their Fundraising Page on social media. Give them some ideas and encourage them to think outside the box! Think bake sales, asking work for matched donations, asking friends to sponsor a mile, giving something up, hosting a supper club, take on some dares, vote for a hilarious fancy-dress costume on event day … the list is endless!

Click here to read your charity’s plan in Part 1 if you missed it.

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