New JustGiving Features & Updates: April 2024 Release Notes

Release Notes

JustGiving is the world’s most trusted platform for online giving. And we’re always working to enhance JustGiving to help your organisation and its supporters do even more for your cause.

Some updates we make are game changers for the tens of millions of fundraisers using JustGiving, like Giving Checkout and Story Enhancer. Others are smaller, but make for a better fundraising experience nonetheless. And now you can learn all about our recent updates in one place!

Introducing Release Notes: a summary of all the latest JustGiving feature releases and enhancements.

Here’s what’s in this issue (click to jump to each section):

  • Fundraising Pages: new page design with a refreshed look and feel for all pages, an enhanced admin experience, and faster load times.
  • Charity Account: increased security via a new multi-factor authentication service.
  • Integrations: GivePanel x JustGiving social fundraising integration now available for all UK and US charities, with a whole host of new features.
  • Gift Aid: Gift Aid opt-in form optimisations.
  • New fundraising solutions: Text to Donate available as a limited release for UK charities.

Fundraising Pages Optimisations


  • Refreshed Fundraising Page design for all pages (previously only for pages created after August 2023). This includes Fundraising Pages created via API. See a live Fundraising Page example.
  • A new streamlined page admin experience for all Fundraising Pages keeps all account customisation options available in one place, making it easier than ever to edit live pages. The new checklist feature guides fundraisers through customisation options to ensure pages look their best.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) & Blackbaud ID


  • Charities and nonprofit organisations get enhanced account security with multi-factor authentication and SMS verification. Learn more.

GivePanel Integration


  • Charities running Facebook Challenges can use the JustGiving and GivePanel integration to let fundraisers create a JustGiving Fundraising page directly from Facebook.
  • Available to all UK & US charities with new features.
  • See all supporter contact information in one place with event registration matched to JustGiving fundraisers.
  • Segment fundraisers (based on page claimed/unclaimed status) and engage with them with automated and personalised email journeys.
  • Learn more about the GivePanel integration.

Gift Aid Form Optimisation


  • Optimised, single-page Gift Aid opt-in form now appears at donor checkout for a better, shorter checkout experience, while maintaining HMRC’s guidelines. Learn more about Gift Aid.

Text to Donate


  • Charities can test getting donations via text message with the JustGiving and Fonix integration.
  • Donations can be assigned as direct donations or attributed to a specific campaign, and are included in total amount raised.
  • Donations are paid from JustGiving, appear in JustGiving reports, and support Gift Aid.

Get in touch now to test out Text to Donate for your organisation.

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Haya Barlas is Head of Product Marketing at JustGiving. She’s passionate about bringing people and teams together to launch new products that help charities raise more for their causes.