Only 140 characters, but £2.5 million raised: Twitter and JustGiving in 2013

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Ok, we’re a bit late in the let’s-review-2013’s-numbers-and-create-a-fancy-infographic game, but I can assure you, this is worth a read for those of you that like Twitter and how it helps charities. If you don’t, er, here’s another blog to read.

So without further ado, read on to find out how many tweets were tweeted on JustGiving last year, how much they raised, and which were the most popular pages on Twitter.

3.7 million visits from Twitter sources generated £2.5m

More tweets = more visits. #win.

80% more visits than 2012

More visits = more money raised. #Epicwin.

73% raised more than 2012

In the last two years, the amount raised from Twitter has almost quintupled (yes, that’s a real word, I checked).

448% more raised than in 2011

The power of just one tweet? £3. Or 2p per character. Unbelievable.

Average donation from Twitter is £22

You can see all the post donation tweets on the #justsponsored hashtag, a stream of generosity that’s sure to brighten anyone’s day. And while you’re there, notice the new Twitter card integration we introduced last year – which means whenever you tweet a JustGiving page, you get to see the charity someone’s raising money for and how much they’ve raised, all on Twitter itself! It all helps bring more Twitter users back to the site to donate.

We saw over 220,000 tweets – that’s somewhere in the region of 30 million characters. Or one character for every other person in the UK.

Over 220,000 tweets were tweeted from

Twitter users are upwardly mobile, so think about how your tweets looks on mobile devices.

Over half of visits to JustGiving from Twitter are via mobile devices

And what were the most popular pages? Titillating, enduring, insania, hair raising (or lowering) and Yimby.

The top five pages with most visits from Twitter

If you liked this, you should also read our list of the top 10 charity tweets of 2013 or our top 10 charity Facebook posts. Or just look at some unimpressed cats. You decide.

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