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Introducing the Virtual Fundraising Monitor 2020

Today, we’re excited to share a new report hot off the press all about virtual event fundraising. It’s called the…

Creating new opportunities through corporate partnerships

As a charity, you’ll be all too aware of the importance of finding new ways to develop and promote your cause without exhausting your…

The importance of embracing innovation

As the charity sector begins planning end-of-year campaigns and brainstorming 2021 fundraising activities, now is a great time to review what your organisation has…

How to move your end-of-year appeal online

December seems to come around faster every year and despite the UK’s recent heatwave, it’s time to look ahead and plan your end-of-year appeal….

How to create engaging virtual events

Whilst nothing can replace the value of face-to-face-interactions, virtual events (an event which takes places entirely online) can offer a lot of great benefits….

Introducing our new fundraiser email journey

Creating awesome online fundraising experiences for your supporters is something we’re really passionate about, and we’re as enthusiastic about it now as we were…

INFOGRAPHIC: Your pathway to fundraising success!

There are lots of amazing benefits to fundraising campaigns. They can raise awareness, engage supporters and local communities, plus they generate those all important…