Raise More in 2024: Free Donations for Your London Marathon Fundraisers 

LM £5 Donations

In 2023, 17,000 London Marathon fundraisers raised £39 million+ combined on JustGiving for charities like yours! 

We’re aiming to take that to the next level in 2024 by kickstarting your runners’ fundraising. The first 5,000 fundraisers to create a London Marathon 2024 page on JustGiving will get a £5 donation, on us. 

But why give fundraisers free donations just for setting up their page? We’ve seen that helping fundraisers kickstart their pages with a £5 donation helps them go on to raise £118 more on average.

This puts a pep in their step AND raises more for your mission at the same time. It’s a win-win for you and your supporters!

Read more about how fundraisers can raise more by creating their pages early.

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More ways we’re helping London Marathon fundraisers

We’re here for you, in more ways than one! By promoting JustGiving as your fundraising platform of choice for London Marathon 2024, your runners will get… 

And much more! 

The JustGiving Cheer Squad

Create your London Marathon campaign page 

Get on the start line for 2024. It’s as simple as creating a page, connecting the event, and sharing your link! 

Get everything you need to know to succeed in London Marathon 2024: 

  • How to set up your campaign page, step-by-step 
  • Top tips to help your runners succeed 
  • Charities already fundraising in London Marathon 

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