Record-breaking +£42 Million Raised on JustGiving in London Marathon 2024

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The JustGiving community’s done it again. 

Charities and fundraisers using JustGiving have already raised over £42m in London Marathon 2024 for charities and good causes around the world. Epic, right?! 

First, a huge congratulations to all the incredible London Marathon charities, fundraisers, and supporters for making a difference on a world stage. 

Second, 😳🤯🤩 

Your charity’s been there every step of the way for your supporters. You gave them the confidence to get on the start line (and cross the finish line) for your cause. And you coached them throughout their fundraising. 

And it paid off. The money raised will go on to fund life-changing projects for more than 1700 charities that fundraised through JustGiving. 

Record-breaking numbers 

We love crunching the numbers (especially when they’re record-breaking ones!) Here’s how much of an impact London Marathon 2024 fundraisers on JustGiving made for good causes:

Simply stunning. 

London Marathon 2024 highlights 

London Marathon 2024 was a truly unforgettable event. Stellar Campaign Pages, fundraisers going above and beyond, and memories to last a lifetime. Let’s look back at some of the most inspiring campaigns, moments, and other highlights from the race. 

  • Watch the moment we told our £10,000 donation giveaway winner the good news!

    In the lead up to the big day, we ran a £10,000 donation giveaway for all London Marathon fundraisers. We had the joy of calling one lucky winner, Jason (…and it all got a bit emotional)
  • We caught up with Fitness influencer, Tom Trotter at the finish line. His advice had us lost for words! 

    It’s London Marathon. OF COURSE there are going to be famous faces around. Some of the notable names we saw crossing the finish line and raising money for charity at London Marathon 2024 include Tom Trotter, Eastenders’ Emma Barton and Jamie Borthwick and McFly’s Harry Judd.

Oh, and did you catch our cheer squad making noise for all the runners from the sidelines? (Can you tell we just LOVE the London Marathon?)

Thank you for making a difference!

We continue to be inspired by the hard work and heart of our amazing charities and fundraisers.  

Pascale Harvie, JustGiving President and General Manager had this to say:  

“Both mentally and physically this is one of the hardest challenges a person can take on and it is heartwarming to know that so many did it for a good cause. 

It is difficult to put into words just how much good will come from the impressive £42million raised by more than 18,000 fundraisers on JustGiving. It will have a significant impact on more than 1700 charities and will undoubtedly change so many lives for the better. 

Congratulations to everyone who took part and on behalf of all our charity partners, thank you.” 

Pascale Harvie – President & General Manager, JustGiving

As the world’s most trusted London Marathon fundraising platform, we’re extremely grateful for our incredible community for putting their trust in us year after year. 

Here’s to the next one. 

And the next one. 

And the one after that. 


Let’s go even bigger in 2025 
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