Responding to a humanitarian crisis in East Africa


Millions of people in South Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya are at risk of starvation due to the famine in East Africa. Drought and conflict have devastated food supplies and created an urgent need for food, water and medical treatment in the affected areas in order to save lives.


Photo: Colin Crowley/Save the Children

Women, children and the elderly are suffering the most, with over 800,000 children under five severely malnourished. Without immediate treatment they are at risk of dying of starvation.

In response to the crisis, the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) has launched the East Africa Crisis Appeal, a campaign designed to prevent the situation in the region worsening.

Here’s what the DEC have said about their campaign:

“Drought and conflict have left 16 million people on the brink of starvation and in urgent need of food, water and medical treatment. People are already dying in South Sudan, Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia.

Women and children are suffering the most; more than 800,000 children under five are severely malnourished. Without immediate treatment, they are at risk of starving to death. 

DEC member charities are already delivering life-saving assistance in all affected countries. But, they need more money to help reduce the scale and severity of the crisis. Don’t delay. Donate.

To see their campaign click here

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