How to get involved in Small Charity Week 2018

Small Charity Week


This week is Small Charity Week 2018. These designated days aim to raise awareness of the terrific difference small charities are making to our communities here in the UK and around the world.

There are lots of events and activities happening in support of these organisations and to celebrate the small charity sector.

Here are some of them.


I Love Small Charities Day – Monday 18th June

I Love Small Charities Day is today. It’s a day to raise awareness of all of the wonderful work small charities are doing.

You can take part by asking your supporters and volunteers to take a photo of themselves holding up a poster with the words:

“I love (your charity’s name) because (why they love you)”

Then post it to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #ILoveSmallCharities. It’s a competition, so a winner will be chosen for each platform. You could win up to £450.


Big Advice Day – Tuesday 19th June

Big Advice Day is an opportunity for your organisation to further knowledge and extend skills within the organisation by taking advantage of regional knowledge transfer sessions and one-to-one meetings.

The Foundation for Social Improvement (FSI) are hosting a Big Advice Day at strategic locations up and down the country. Small and local charities and community groups can access free one-on-one advice and support from experts.

There are sessions from Bradford to Cambridge. You can find more information on the FSI website.


 Policy Day – Wednesday 20th June

On June 20th, Hereford Council are offering a free drop-in session for small charities, where they can find out more information on funding opportunities.

Local organisations can drop in at any time and get free support with applications for funding.


Fundraising Day – Thursday 21st June

Fundraising Day is the perfect day for small charities to recruit new fundraisers, or remind current ones why it is that they love you so much.

There are free events, initiatives and resources available to small charities to help you with your fundraising activities.

You can win a membership to ‘Remember A Charity’, which includes a high-profile national campaign, participation in Remember A Charity week in September, and resources to improve your strategy around attracting legacy givers.

You can also win a financial prize from Localgiving to help with your fundraising efforts if you enter their Small Charity Week Challenge.


Small Charity Big Impact Day – Friday 22nd June

It’s too late for you to enter, but never too late for you to appreciate what these awards will do for small charities everywhere.

Each winning organisation is awarded a film highlighting their work, a free impact audit and two development sessions for their CEO. It’s a real opportunity for winning small charities to really develop themselves.

You can keep an eye on the winners here and, if you think you’re in with a chance, you should definitely watch out for the day they’re accepting applicants for next year. There’s a lot to be gained here to develop your small organisation.


Other ways to get involved

There’s all sorts of stuff going on throughout the week, from open days to ‘Toddle Waddles’. For more information, check out the #SmallCharitiesWeek hashtag on Twitter.

If you’re a small charity, it isn’t too late to get involved. You can always:

  • Ask your team to take a photograph of the amazing work you do and upload it to Twitter, including the #SmallCharitiesWeek hashtag.
  • Publicise an open day so that your supporters can get involved with your work.
  • Arrange a meeting with the other small charities in your area and work out how you can support each other.


Celebrate your excellence during a week that’s all about you.


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