The engagement revolution starts here


Our third and final speaker at this year’s Institute of Fundraising Convention is our Co-Founder and Managing Director Anne-Marie Huby, who will be delivering her presentation, “The engagement revolution starts here.”

Anne-Marie has summarised the key points of her speech as follows, “Technology is revolutionising the relationship between supporters and causes. It is empowering individuals to champion the things they care about. The internet and social media has given people greater reach in their networks, leading to an influence far beyond that of charities. Turning these empowered individuals into advocates of your cause should now be at the heart of everything you do. In this provocative session, we’ll challenge current practices in fundraising and explain how technology can help you understand, engage and influence in order to grow the world of giving.”

See Anne-Marie’s presentation at the BPE – Bigger Picture – The External Environment track at the Institute of Fundraising Convention from 10:30-11:30 on Wednesday, July 6th.


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