What a difference a week makes – an update on the numbers behind the #icebucketchallenge


There’s been no slowdown in the number of people willing to freeze for a good cause: #icebucketchallenge fundraisers using JustGiving have now raised over £4 million or around $6.5 million USD.

Here are the latest stats:

  • Over 765,000 individual donations have now been made to #icebucketchallenge pages. That’s 41% up on last week.
  • Over £1.2 million, or around $1,9 million USD, has been raised in the last week alone.
  • We’ve now had donors from 25% of the member states of the UN to #icebucketchallenge pages (51 individual countries).

This is a truly global challenge

  • 247 charities have now received #icebucket challenge donations – that’s nearly 100 more charities than last week.
  • And people are getting more generous (as the weather gets colder perhaps?) as the average donation has gone from around £5 to around £6.
  • And a whopping 90% of donations to #icebucketchallenge pages have come in via text: wow!
  • The Motor Neurone Disease Association campaign page has now raised over £3.9 million (and rising).

If you’d like to find out how to make a campaign go global, join in this Guardian Voluntary Sector Network Live Q&A today, Friday 5th September. The panel includes our content and community manager, Kirsty Marrins, so please do join in with your questions and comments.


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