What Can Social Media Ambassadors Do For Your Charity?

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In our last post, we took a look at what your charity could learn from Taco Bell when it comes to success on social media. Being audience-led, taking risks, and having a really strong brand and tone of voice are all really important things to consider when coming up with your social media strategy. A good deal of Taco Bell’s success on social media can also be attributed with the work they do with high-profile influencers, like celebrities, bloggers, vloggers, and Instagrammers.

Charities and nonprofit organisations need to be having conversations on social media – it’s simply not enough to use your Facebook page as a bulletin board for your cause. Working with social media ambassadors and influencers is a great way for organisations to raise their profile and engage their audience. In our opinion, there aren’t enough charities that are doing this at the moment – and we’d like this to change! This is why we’ve created this infographic to help and inspire charities that might not be thinking about working with influencers yet – and how they can go about doing so.

Social media ambassadors infographic


Are you interested in working more closely with social media ambassadors? Make sure you check out our publications for some tips, and be sure to tweet us at @MisfitsMedia!




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