What’s next for events? A thirst for experience


MOB events are all about the experience

Following last week’s post on ‘The Team GB effect’, our second key trend revealed in the event fundraising monitor: what’s next for events? is all about offering a unique experience for fundraisers.

A thirst for experience

Chances are you’ll have come across campaigns like Movember and Dryathlon that are making big waves in the fundraising sector. But what do they have in common and what can we learn from them?

The answer is that both offer unique experiences that encourage people to group around an activity that’s fun and very shareable – both on and offline.

You can harness this thirst for experience when creating or choosing new events for your charity.

The rise of the MOB™

2013 has seen a new phenomenon hit UK shores – the MOB™ event. These events offer participants a richer, more exhilarating experience than the average 5km race.

Events like Electric Run, Color Run and Tough Mudder are among the fastest growing in the calendar. In 2012 our friends at ACTIVE Network saw visitor searches for MOB™ events increase by 72%.

They bring in a new and younger crowd, which could help you connect with the next generation of givers. For example, 67% of people fundraising on JustGiving for Tough Mudder events are first-time fundraisers and the majority are aged below 35 (66%).

Experience is everything statistics

The arrival of MOB™ events reflects a broader trend towards creating a more distinctive and memorable experience for fundraisers. And we predict this will only continue to grow.

Meet the super socials

People taking part in MOB™ events can be called ‘super social’, often taking part in events with friends and family. Not only that, but they’re a well-connected bunch with an average of 668 Facebook friends – more than four times the UK average.

This hints at a growing trend where people are discovering and sharing life experiences on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. More than 23,000 people were tweeting about this year’s Color Run – that’s a lot of free publicity!

And your charity can tap into this trend by offering a unique and fun event experience. More people will want to take part and spread the word, helping your cause reach more supporters than ever before.

Read more about the events that will grow your income by downloading our full report.

Look out for part three of ‘What’s next for events: infectious fundraising’, where we’ll reveal more about the viral effect of managing your events and fundraising online.


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